lördag 16 juni 2012

BLUES PILLS - "Bliss" (10")

First published in Swedish on the Rockharder review blog, June 16 http://www.rockharder-reviews.blogspot.com 


As soon as the title track Bliss kicks off, you are cought in the foaming groove. Elin Larsson spreads the poetry captivatingly and razor sharp, fully in harmony with the men's instrumental performance. When Astral Plane begins the hairs rise along my spine. Airy slender drums caressed by raw guitars and muddy bass. BLUES PILLS have their own drive and manner to tell their fuzzy blues rock. They give a hungry impression and stand firmly with GRAVEYARD-groove and a voice width like ABRAMIS BRAMA.

The band feeds the listener with a sound composed of bell-bottom jeans and singing as a sturdy scrotum grip. By mixing influences from their time in other interesting bands the musicians also form a tasteful musical hub between Sweden, France and USA. The quintet is perfected with Larsson's powerful and captivating voice dressed in soulful blues rock and glow á la JULIETTE LEWIS.

Unfortunately the track Black Smoke from the demo (Dec 2011) isnt on this EP. Maybe it'll be included on a future album? While I wait for the debut album I dive into "Bliss" and let the waves carry me past colorful creations and ripping reefs.

Text: Banesa Martinez
Line-up: Elin Larsson (vocals), Cory Berry (guitar), Dorian Sorriaux (guitar), Zack Anderson (bass) and Jonas Moses Askerlund (drums).
Link: http://www.facebook.com/bluespills
Label: Crusher Records
Release: May 25, 2012