söndag 9 januari 2011

RORY GALLAGHER "Messing With The Kid"

So, here's phenomenal RORY GALLAGHER. The guitar legend from Ireland, here, merely 24 years old.
Its a thrill to watch this guitar man perform. It is powerful, vivid and full of emotions - pure rock!
Also, the fellas seem to be having a hell of a time, big smiles and energy!

This awesome footage from 1972 is easily one of the best things Youtube has to offer!

Check the Rory-page and learn more about him, and foremost listen to his music as often you can.

Also, Id like to shed some light on the annual international Rory Gallagher tribute festival, Going To My Home Town, in Ballyshannon, Ireland. This year its during June 2 - 5. I had planed to visit the festival this year but it'll have to be next year for me.

The official homepage: http://www.rorygallagher.com/
Going To My Home Town: http://www.goingtomyhometown.com/