lördag 22 oktober 2011

L'IRA DEL BACCANO "Si Non Sedes Is" (2008)

The Italian psychedelic doom metal band L'IRA DEL BACCANO released their debut album as a free download in 2008. The album "Si Non Sedes Is" was recorded fully live in concert on Hallows Eve of 2007. This five-track presents the essence of what talented musical craftsmanship and instrumental excellence can accomplish.

The musical recipe of this Roman foursome
is a very rich one. Being an instrumental act they have grasped the opportunity to be more creative and loose in their song constructions. Both when it comes to letting groove roam and in getting into jam like states. Melodic paths adjoined with resilience, bring together a sound best described as a passionate cosmic roar. 

The second track, 875, starts gentle as a caress. As the eleven minutes proceed, the psychedelic guitar sheds noises on top of the rhythm and melodic guitar, serving the listener a chance to drift away. These guitars entwined with the safe sway of the bass are held together by one of the most monumental drumming I've ever heard. From the intensity of the beat and its variety of paces, to the mood of the sound; hollow yet energy-filled.

I can't stress enough the importance of what excellent drumming enables. For L'IRA DEL BACCANO the prominent drums enable the melodic highlights to sprung, bloom and create their own shape. Eighteen minute Tempus Inane Flago, Requiem Spatiumque Furori leads the listener into intriguing twists and turns, however always maintaining the attention throughout with a juicy and hellish force. Go to their website, download the album, indulge - and come back to thank me.

Alessandro Santori - Guitar
Roberto Malerba - Guitar, keyboards
Massimo Siravi - Bass 
Sandro Salvi - Drums

Track list:
1. Doomdance
2. 875
3. Tempus Inane Flago, Requiem Spatiumque Furori
4. Don Bastiano
5. Sussurri Di Nascita Celeste / Grateful To Jerry


Listen to 875:

Listen to Tempus Inane Flago, Requiem Spatiumque Furori:

/Banesa Martinez

fredag 30 september 2011

HALF MAN "Red Herring" (2002)

In early spring I booked the hard rock act SKÅNSKA MORD for my club Groove Eve. Their bass player, Patric Carlsson, offered to send me some of SKÅNSKA MORD´s "roots". Thats how I had the pleasure of discovering "Red Herring" by HALF MAN.

Swedish SKÅNSKA MORD originated from members of the two bands HALF MAN and MOTHERCAKE. HALF MAN recorded one demo, a split 7" and two albums between 1994 and 2002. Their last groove, "Red Herring", is dressed in heavy psychedelic blues rock and scented with the nostalgia of the 70's. But mostly, it is proof of the guys´ love for heart tearing blues.

The album is both playful and serious. The cover of FRANK ZAPPA´s Willy The Pimp, is handled with sass and their own brand, but still maintaining the core of the song unstained. Then there´s the convincing vocals of Janne Bengtsson in Sugar Mama. The desperate and passionate mood of the vocals is reflected in the guitar, as the tune eagerly continues to entice with its color blue. HALF MAN´s playfulness is also shown in the decision to include the blues drenched confession Same Thing On My Mind, its only feature, Bengtsson´s distressful voice.

Another important ingredient in
"Red Herring" is Bengtsson´s harmonica. Coating many tunes as if the instrument was a conventional part in contemporary music. Bringing the natural sway to HALF MAN´s melodies.

The overall feeling I get from the album is delight. They
put the rawness of the blues together with the power of heavy rock uncompromisingly. This gallant achievement needs more recognition.

Janne Bengtsson - vocals, guitar
Peter Lilja - guitar
Patric Carlsson - bass
Roger Bengtsson - drums
Label:  Beard of Stars

1. Repulsion
2. Too Late
3. Pigs In Space
4. Sunday Morning Is Coming Down
5. Willy The Pimp
6. Sugar Mama
7. Departed Souls
8. Same Thing On My Mind 
9. Grass Stains
10. Journey Into Darkness
11. Hard Road
12. No Title

Listen to Sugar Mama:

Listen to Same Thing On My Mind: 

/Banesa Martinez 

söndag 6 mars 2011

LUCIFER "Lucifer" (1970)

Rochester (US) based LUCIFER released their first and only album in 1970. Immediately they reveal their melodic and somewhat suggestive sound, opening with the song Sixteen. A distinctive genre can't be pinpointed on this the five piece band. Instead, prepare yourself for a feast in hard rock, shaped with psychedelic contours, harmonic background vocals and a rhythm that stays with you after the album has ended. 

You Better Find Somebody To Love and Crabby Day shine a little brighter than the other songs, non the less, the whole album oozes quality and high standard. Containing both a dominating piano and guitar, it offers soulful width in its presentation.

Hollow, echoing guitar loops and a bass so prominent it taps you on the nose. Yes, it gets quite difficult not getting carried away listening to "Lucifer" when its essence is that strutting and funky.

Joe Mattioli - Vocals
Pete Skelton - Guitar

Vincent "Butch" Biocca - Bass
Joe Gallo - Piano

Joe Bertola - Drums

Track list:
1. Sixteen
2. Different Face
3. Where Do We Go From Here
4. Get Together
5. My Baby
6. You better Find Someone To Love
7. I'm Gonna Make It
8. If This World Were Mine
9. Dreaming Isn't Good For You
10. Crabby Day
11. Don't Tell Me How To Love

Listen to Where Do We Go From Here:

/Banesa Martinez

lördag 5 februari 2011

BLACK CAT BONES "Barbed Wire Sandwich" (1969)

The historically important tale of BLACK CAT BONES is a heavy blues rock one. Emerging from London in 1966 they rode the last waves of the British Blues Boom. Formed by Derek Brooks (rhythm guitar), Stuart Brooks (bass) and Paul Kossoff (lead guitar). After various changes regarding vocals and drums, the band decided on Brian Short and Simon Kirke.

Though, for their first and only album "Barbed Wire Sandwich", released in November 1969 by Decca's Nova label, Paul Kossoff and Simon Kirke had left the band to form FREE, together with Paul Rodgers. Guitarist Rod Price and drummer Phil Lenoir had joined BLACK CAT BONES, the band was still a five-piece. The album was recorded at the Tangerine and Decca Studios.

"Barbed Wire Sandwich" was however never a success, that lead to the departure of Brian Short, Rod Price and Phil Lenoir. The brothers, Derek and Stuart Brooks, got together with Pete French and Mick Halls in 1970, as well as Keith George Young - and LEAF HOUND was thereby born. Another curious fact is that Rod Price joined FOGHAT

The band name, originating from the folk magic Hoodoo, is the name of a lucky charm associated with blues music from the likes of Muddy Waters. Quick on the draw, BLACK CAT BONES open the album with the raw blues power of Chauffeur. Enticing with sexual passion from the mind melting guitars and the songs patient, swaying pace.

However, my favorite is the following Death Valley Blues. Brian Short manages to paint a blues landscape with his firm and earnest voice whilst the music turns into a reflection of that voice. Revving and wailing guitars, backed up with airy drumming and Stuart Brooks' melodic bass.

The whole album is packed with gems that in retrospect truly are as influential as they sound. Withholding an incredible cover of NINA SIMONE's Four Women, the warm potency of Sylvester's Blues and the mesmerizing Good Lookin' Woman, to name a few more.

/Banesa Martinez

söndag 9 januari 2011

RORY GALLAGHER "Messing With The Kid"

So, here's phenomenal RORY GALLAGHER. The guitar legend from Ireland, here, merely 24 years old.
Its a thrill to watch this guitar man perform. It is powerful, vivid and full of emotions - pure rock!
Also, the fellas seem to be having a hell of a time, big smiles and energy!

This awesome footage from 1972 is easily one of the best things Youtube has to offer!

Check the Rory-page and learn more about him, and foremost listen to his music as often you can.

Also, Id like to shed some light on the annual international Rory Gallagher tribute festival, Going To My Home Town, in Ballyshannon, Ireland. This year its during June 2 - 5. I had planed to visit the festival this year but it'll have to be next year for me.

The official homepage: http://www.rorygallagher.com/
Going To My Home Town: http://www.goingtomyhometown.com/