söndag 6 mars 2011

LUCIFER "Lucifer" (1970)

Rochester (US) based LUCIFER released their first and only album in 1970. Immediately they reveal their melodic and somewhat suggestive sound, opening with the song Sixteen. A distinctive genre can't be pinpointed on this the five piece band. Instead, prepare yourself for a feast in hard rock, shaped with psychedelic contours, harmonic background vocals and a rhythm that stays with you after the album has ended. 

You Better Find Somebody To Love and Crabby Day shine a little brighter than the other songs, non the less, the whole album oozes quality and high standard. Containing both a dominating piano and guitar, it offers soulful width in its presentation.

Hollow, echoing guitar loops and a bass so prominent it taps you on the nose. Yes, it gets quite difficult not getting carried away listening to "Lucifer" when its essence is that strutting and funky.

Joe Mattioli - Vocals
Pete Skelton - Guitar

Vincent "Butch" Biocca - Bass
Joe Gallo - Piano

Joe Bertola - Drums

Track list:
1. Sixteen
2. Different Face
3. Where Do We Go From Here
4. Get Together
5. My Baby
6. You better Find Someone To Love
7. I'm Gonna Make It
8. If This World Were Mine
9. Dreaming Isn't Good For You
10. Crabby Day
11. Don't Tell Me How To Love

Listen to Where Do We Go From Here:

/Banesa Martinez