fredag 31 december 2010

Top songs of 2010

Happy New Years, dear music lovers!

As a reaction to a music compilation called Absolute Music, to its widely spread of fairly dubious music, over nearly all of Sweden through my younger days, I started making ABSOLUTE NEZZAN, focusing on different themes/mixes. Its an old tradition of mine since more then 10 years back, hence the somewhat corny name.

So, here's number 50, this time under the theme "Top songs of 2010". Do yourself a favor and find all the tunes and check out the bands, the links are below.

Banesa Martinez


fredag 24 december 2010

Top 10 albums of 2010

1. SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT - Long Distance Trip (World in Sound Records)
2. ASTEROID - II (Fuzzorama Records)
3. BRANT BJORK - Gods & Goddesses (Low Desert Punk)
4. MONSTER MAGNET - Mastermind (Napalm Records)
5. BRUTUS - S/T (Transubstans Records)
6. MAC BLAGICK - Ramadawn (Glen Ghost Records)
7. CROWNED BY FIRE - Prone To Destroy (Self Released)
8. SUMA - Ashes (Speakerphone Recordings)
9. MARULK - S/T (Transubstans Records)
10. THE DEAD WEATHER - Sea Of Cowards (Third Man Records)